How many of us suffer from symptoms of stress in our lives?

Do you know a horse can pick up emotions 7 times stronger than a human?

Horses exhibit a strong tendency to mirror the feelings behind the concealment of people, unconscious of our own emotions and motivations, literally people have no idea what they are communicating to and teaching these highly responsive creatures.

It’s important to always be aware that our thoughts influence the emotional level of horses. Our emotions and thoughts are energy footprints, on which the horse will focus.

If you are stressed around a horse they will pick up nerve impulses from your brain, your body, yours organs and tissues. This is turn causes you and the horse to sweat or develop goose bumps, the eyes to dilate, the heart to beat faster, blood pressure to rise, the stomach to stop working and the glands to pump hormones like adrenaline in the bloodstream, resulting in all the familiar symptoms “STRESS”

Why do we get these impulses?1496312840883

These impulses are set in motion to support the “Fight or Flight” response in human and horses.

When in a Fight or Flight response this triggers inflammation of the small intestines or in horse terms been kicked in the stomach.  A protective response, automatically becomes inflamed when the horses feels threatened.

I’ve experienced from my clients and from myself a lot of pretence/frontage and seriously some clients don’t even know they are concealing these impulses.

My last experience of Fight or Flight was with a client who was terminally ill and has since passed away.  When we entered into the paddock with Ruby and her foal Isabel, we moved towards the centre of the field Ruby went into “Fight of Flight” survival instinct (Ruby ran from the dominant signal of stress overriding the caring emotions that she felt deep down).  Ruby had picked up my clients feelings and energy and was mirroring her thoughts and emotions

We sat in the paddock for an hour connecting with our breathing and we let down our guard and we began to speak from the heart. By delving deeper into our heart space we reached insights and truths that have been long buried.  Ruby approached us and both our hearts expanded with an indescribable warmth and love that sent tingling down our spines.  We were all in a profound sense of tranquility.

In our calm state sitting in the Paddock caused Ruby to modify her behaviour and we both conveyed everything was alright.  Horses feel safe and secure in our presence when we are filled with positive energy as opposed to negative energy.

In moving through the difficult stages of our lives, we will learn from the horses to become more aware of our being and we will begin to trust, love and forgive and act more from the heart.

My client realised by ignoring the natural and seeking to control the world of worlds within worlds, she lost her way.  The price is Spiritual emptiness and thus she become trapped.

How is your horse behaving? Is he mirroring your behaviour?

Would you like to connect with your horse at a deeper spiritual level?

Would you like to connect with Ruby, Lizzie and Isabel and experience more understanding and awareness?

I offer 1.5 hour coaching session here at Epona Retreat Centre, where you can reconnect with your true self and the horses.



I offer 1.5 hour Coaching & Distant Healing sessions with Ruby, Lizzie & Isabel my horses where they will help you deepen your connection with self, with others and with your own horse.

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Sending you lots of love & light.

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