Equine Therapy


Welcome to Epona Retreat Centre, (Celtic Goddess of Horses).

Epona Retreat Centre was a dream of Noreen’s when she entered the gates in 2008.  She knew in her heart this was the place she was going to settle down & change because of the beauty, tranquillity and magic here at Epona.  Never had she foreseen that she would be working with Horses, in fact horses were her biggest fear.

Noreen’s spiritual breakthrough began opening up when her sister passed away from cancer the day before her 40th birthday.  Her journey of self- discovery and finding true love for herself began.  Noreen was seeking enlightenment and started exploring and understanding the spiritual talents of the horses.  She started becoming aware and understanding her inner world and became at onement with herself and her 3 horses.

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When working with the horses Noreen began to reveal more than what felt safe because of their trust and non-judgement.  The horses brought her back to heal old wounds and learn new, more self-supporting responses to people and events.  As she divulged more truths the lighter she felt and released and cleansed.   As she fully grieved the original wounds with love and purity, she began to welcome these feelings, since it always means that her inner life was on the way to being more whole and joyful than ever.  She stopped unconsciously seeking and repeating them.

The horses offered her a vision, based on listening to her Core Values.  The horse’s effortlessly demonstrated and embodied “living in the present”.  Noreen’s relationship with her horses has enabled her to consider the concept of her higher self (soul level) and her ability to stimulate enlightened thinking.

Noreen’s talent is her intuitive relationship with herself, horses & Nature.  Through her Healing Energy, Intuition, Listening & Teaching skills, Noreen connects her client to their true self and opens their hearts to their Authentic Self through Love and Purity.  She holds a strong connection to Horses & Mother Earth.  Noreen has a genuine passion for seeking out the truth of all things, placing herself on a sacred path of self-discovery and living her life with a curious, grateful heart that seeks to see love and purity in all beings. 

How can Noreen support & guide you on your journey of self-discovery here at Epona Retreat Centre?

  • Support you to lOve yourself without expecting to be loved back – learn to be content under all circumstances let go of any judgements

  • Courage to trust in life and give up the need to control

  • Trust your intuition to guide you on your life path

  • Freedom to be authentic and true to yourself – walk your own path and listen to your soul

  • Delve deep into your soul to find awareness and understanding of unwanted or stuck emotions and releasing them

  • Claim the destiny that you know is yours

We are all in a healing process right now, it takes courage to be kind and loving to yourself.  The more we are kind and loving the more we heal.



Noreen has studied Reiki Master Teaching & Animal Reiki Teaching to an advanced level.

She is qualified as a Doula practitioner – natural birthing coach by Michel Odent French Obstetrician.

She was introduced to Equine Therapy Energy Healing and participated in Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Workshops with Hanne Stigaard, an internationally recognised Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Certified Facilitator based in Denmark.

Noreen recently created her own Signature Transformational Workshop “Courage to be Me” facilitated by the Wish Tree Academy and completed a 1 year Mastermind Academy Coaching Programme with The Wish Tree Academy.

She has trained in the art of Feng Shui, Level 1, with Maria Diamond, Feng Shui Master.

She is also certified as a Happiness Coach by Udemy Academy.

Noreen was facilitated on a 10 month “Woman Who Run with Horses Sacred Mentorship” by Hillary Scheider, Equus & Leadership Coach

Qualified in Foundation  TaiChi/QiGong & Mediation course with the Universal Arts Academy.