Connect To The Intelligence Of The Horses’s Heart

Become curious about what emotion or concern has emerged between you and your horses.

What is the fear or what is the threat?

What Belief, Behaviour or perception is being challenged?

What is your block?

When we are feeling like this we are in an Incoherence Hearth Rhythm. We can pick this up from our environment, people’s energies and our own negative thoughts & feelings. The good news is we can positively change our individual and social environments with attitudes of genuine love, appreciation, care and compassion, which moves us into Coherence.

“Coherence is a highly efficient state in which all of the body’s systems work together in harmony. Increasing personal coherence creates an alignment of mind, body, emotions and spirit through the power of the heart.”

Mother Nature is always ready to give to us and support us. We only need to open ourselves to that infinite abundance and connect with it. Gratitude is the way we contact Nature’s generosity and bring its support directly into our lives.

This great, engaged relationship with Nature re-establishes our mind-body system to its healthy, balanced state. Instead of feeling constricting fear and anxiety, our great awareness now blossoms and shares its generosity of spirit. Our great awareness improves the entire functioning of our body as well, from our cells to our genes.

When we connect with the horses we are increasing our connection to the intelligence of the heart.  As prey animals, the volume of this recently discovered “sixth” sense is turned way up in horses, who become noticeably agitated in the presence of people who try to hide their emotions, who try to cover fear, anxiety, or sadness with an appearance of wellbeing.

Recent studies into the neurophysiology of emotion suggest that it’s impossible to hide what you’re feeling from your horse.  The human gut and the heart areas can act independently of the brain in gathering information and adapting to the environment. In this way, the body serves as a wonderful tuner, receiver and amplifier for all kinds of information. It feels, learns and has definite opinions that sometimes contradict the brain.  When you’re taught to focus exclusively on what an authority figure is saying, suppressing gut feelings and wildly fluttering heartbeats, your body’s intuitive wisdom and natural warning systems are silenced, allowing others to cage you for any number of purposes against your better judgment.

As animals possessing extremely large and sensitive guts—and hearts for that matter, horses exhibit an exceptional talent for receiving and responding to emotional information. In order to survive, animals preyed upon in nature are highly sensitive to changes in their attitude, heart rate and blood pressure of herd mates and predators and humans.

Horses show signs of stress when their human handlers try to suppress emotions, then calm down the moment the handler openly acknowledges that feeling. By making the fear or anxiety conscious, by becoming similar, the handler effectively lowers his/her own blood pressure, even if only slightly. But it’s enough to drop the horse’s blood pressure in response, which the animal demonstrates by sighing, licking and chewing, and/or lowering his head.

The easiest way to become compatible in the presence of your horse is to admit (even at a whisper that no one else can hear) that you’re afraid, anxious, frustrated, or confused. Your horse won’t understand the words, of course, but your body will register positive physical changes that your horse can read nonverbally, and he will be less likely to spook as a result.

The good news is that positive feelings are contagious too. A person who truly feels peaceful in situations that unnerve others can have a calming effect on everyone around them. This is a key skill in becoming a great horse healer—or a great leader.

Letting the emotion go is easier than you might expect. Contrary to popular belief, fear, frustration, and anxiety are actually quite reasonable if you know how to work through them. When you get the message behind these “negative” feelings, and change something in response, they dissolve on their own.

Secure, well-cared-for horses—like confident, well-adjusted humans—can actually calm others during stressful situations. These animals are worth their weight in gold.

When you get the message behind the emotion, and change something in response to that message, your body will release the tension automatically. Your horse will mirror the release because emotion and sensation are transmittable, (in other words, the tension may not be originating in you), it’s helpful to “breathe into” any tension that arises in your body while becoming curious about the information it may hold. Moving against tension increases it, activating the sympathetic nervous system that increases heart rate, leading to flight or fight behaviour. Breathing into the tension activates the parasympathetic nervous system which decreases heart rate, supporting fluidity, focus, and a problem solving mind-set.

Physiologically, breathing into troublesome sensations like tension, increased heart rate, or sudden increases in anxiety can result in the ability to loosen your spine, soften your clenched gut, and release your jaw, etc.— without suppressing the concerns behind these sensations.

Recognizing the wisdom that feelings hold allows us to use emotions as partners, powerfully reading the information they communicate, and then quickly letting them go, ultimately spending more and more time enjoying life with our horses as we learn to go “back to grazing” as fluidly and naturally as our equine friends have been doing all along.

Question messages behind the emotions and feelings that cause us the most trouble;

FEAR What is the threat?

VULNERABIILITY What belief, behaviour or perception is being challenged? 

FRUSTRATION What is the block? 

Affirmations for Today 

“What is the greatest expression of myself that I can be today”

“How can I demonstrate love, patience, energy, courage, kindness today”

“Life isn’t about finding ourselves. Life is about creating oneself”

Make time for our precious self. Train our mind & bodies to be more abundant.

Noreen’s work at Epona Retreat Centre is to empower you to take back your inner power and trust your own intuition and to love yourself more.

Noreen reads the language of the horses she is the messenger of the horses through Energy & Body Language. She holds a powerful pathway to help you empower a positive & renewing feeling & become more coherent quickly facilitated by her 3 horses, Ruby, Lizzie & Isabel.

Sending you lots of Love & Light. Noreen

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