Play with your Horse and Work with Yourself

Drumming with the Horses

Thinking your way into a horses world isn’t going to work, Project lOve, it is a 2 way journey. The influence of personality traits in human/horse partnerships has been noted for many years.

Research has shown how people affect the way that horses present themselves. Horses are often labelled difficult spoilt when all that they are doing may be responding to the humans around them. Horse’s behaviour would match that of a person, and during the research it was noted that horses could change with new carers and attitudes.

When we look for ways to make life better for a horse it helps improve our own life.

 If a horse is frustrated, we will feel that our life is frustrating.
 If he yearns for free will, we too become unsettled and controlled.
 If he is feeling controlled, we attract disruptive people.
 If he is contented, we are at peace.

When we become more aware of our being our intuition and confidence grows around the horses.

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