24th, 25th & 26th June 2022


Hosted by: Chrisoula Sirigou & Noreen Roche

Would you like to take a powerful journey through the colour spectrum and across the RAINBOW bridge to Ascension?

Join ChriSOULa Sirigou, creator and founder of the RAINBOW Letters to Mother Earth project and movement, specialising in the spiritual psychology of Colour and the 8 Spiritual Principles to Ascension, as featured in the Colour Mirrors system. Colour is one of the most profound tools we have to work with on the Ascension journey. In this series we explore various spiritual truths and how colour helps us engage with them in the most lighthearted and uplifting ways.

ChriSOULa’s teachings over the years have extended far beyond colour to encompass a whole range of powerful spiritual insights and modalities including heart intelligence and the wisdom of numbers and numerology.

Book your early bird ticket @ €350 here place your deposit of €150 by Tuesday 31st May to secure your place  (standard fees €399)

Each of the 8 Key Principles connects with each of the seven major chakras and their corresponding colours and the eighth connects with the Soul Star or 8th chakra and the colour magenta. Each one
leads on to the next and in fact, we could say any of them could be applied to any of the chakras, but there is a lovely sequence which happens when we look at them from 1-8.

When we relate spiritual principles to colour they become accessible and heartfelt rather than just intellectual concepts. With colour we get the opportunity to experience them in our bodies, in a way that is physical and ‘real’ and incredibly powerful for both our spiritual journey and our everyday lives. Colour can bring clarity into every aspect of your life: relationships, jobs, careers, healing, health issues, energy blocks, gifts and potential, spiritual connection and personal growth.

Colour Mirrors uses potent and powerful coloured oils and essences to help you understand your life, your patterns of behaviour and your relationships. The Colour Mirrors bottles allow you to identify, analyse and transform obstacles as well as offering guidance on how to raise your self-awareness and consciousness so that you are empowered to change or develop any aspect of your life.

“Colour Mirrors is a system that will make your life more colourful, abundant and fun! We help you see yourself more clearly in the mirror of colour and once you have acknowledged your own power and  beauty, everything else will fall into place so that you can live a life of abundant joy.”

During the workshop what else to expect?

Meditations in Colour Chakras 

Chakra Balancing and connection with Elementals,

Angels, Archangels and the energy of Dragons

3rd and 5th Dimensional Readings

Colour and Numerology Soul Readings

Connecting with Mother Earth and the Horse Chakras

Book your early bird ticket @ €350 here place your deposit of €150 by Tuesday 31st May to secure your place  (standard fees €399)

When our energies are closed down, we are holding back our pain we also hold back our inner power and capacity to love fully.

Working with colour helps you open up more fully.

Colour releases blocked energy and restores harmony.

Working with the colours is holistic and will influence your entire being.

You will find your efforts rewards with greater spiritual awareness personal development and improved physical health.

You will feel more in tune with yourself, more able to cope with the pressures of life. 

Relaxation will come more easily as you learn to be more and do less.

Book your early bird ticket @ €350 here place your deposit of €150 by Tuesday 31st May to secure your place  (standard fees €399)

“Horses offer their truth as a healing benefit.  The phenomenal awareness of the horse is at the heart of their ability to heal”

Horses are true to themselves and millions of years of evolution have not corrupted that. Whether a person’s heart is hard as stone or full of love and compassion, the horse identifies this and mirrors that energy back.  They invite you to be truthful about the subtleties of our actions, thoughts and intentions.  For self healing to take place we must rise to a level beyond whatever caused imbalances.

Being in a loving or appreciative state means that our heart energy can become in sync with that of the receiver.  If we feel loving towards a horse, then he or she will reciprocate, transmitting healing energy.  When there is balance between the heart and the mind, we can become deeply connected to the awesome potential offered to us by the horse


If your drawn to working with Horses and Colour this retreat will help me to open up your heart.   The horses will encourage you to reflect on who you are and how can you love yourself  again.  These horses are very powerful animals and you will be drawn to them at this retreat.  Why?

  • They  will challenge you as a person
  • They will help you to believe in your natural ability to intuitively connect with them. 
  • They were questioning your communication with yourself all the time. 
  • They will open your heart to self-love
  • They will help you embrace change
  • They will redefined your true ability.

Book your early bird ticket @ €350 here place your deposit of €150 by Tuesday 31st May to secure your place  (standard fees €399)

I invite you to experience Chrisoula’s energy and passion here at Epona Retreat Centre.  She will inspire you to fully embrace your wealth, your gold, your Golden Self, guiding you to make sense of your own LIFE language. ChriSOULa’s heart is firmly rooted in her Greek origins, and as the founder and director of Explorama, she spends time every Spring and Autumn leading Colour Workshops

Thanks to her unique gifts, ChriSOULa’s expertise as a Colour Psychologist and Analyst specialising in the Colour Mirrors System is sought in the UK and internationally, helping individuals set their spirit free and reveal their true, AMAZING Colours through self awareness, inspired action, integration and soul expansion.

ChriSOULa is an avid traveller, a life explorer as she calls herself and all of us on this golden path of connecting with our spirit and prides herself on her passionate pursuit of learning and growing every day. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, power walking, books, cinema, and practises colour meditation and Pilates to stay connected with her spirit and in shape.


B&B at Epona Retreat Centre – Single bed en-suite sharing €50pp

PROGRAMME “Expand through Colour Rejuvenating Retreat” Saturday 25th  June to Sunday 26th June 2022:

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June

Morning Workshops start at 10am – doors open at 9.30am

Tea/Coffee  & Refreshments available throughout the day

Lunch break 1.00pm – 2.00pm (vegetarian lunch incl.)

Afternoon Workshops finishes @ 17.00pm

Expand through Colour Rejuvenating Retreat closes at 18.00 on Sunday 26th.

Come and connect with the healing power of Noreen’s horses and experience ChriSOULa’s energy and passion at EPONA RETREAT CENTRE.

Sending you lots of love & light

ChriSOULa and Noreen


Book your early bird ticket @ €350 here place your deposit of €150 by Tuesday 31st May to secure your place  (standard fees €399)