Horses are Intuitive and Physic

Do you know Horses have feelings too?   They too can feel the vibration of the Moon change.  Horses are very intuitive and physic and when you are in sync with the horses you too can become intuitive.  When I first attended my first class with the horses I could only feel energy but didn’t have the belief to listen to what they were saying to me.  By working with them repeatedly they confidently gave me the strength and courage to belief in my gifts.

They also reminded me that emotions, intuition, relationships, instinct, personal development & compassion, would prove to be my greatest strengths .

They showed me that when logic couldn’t make sense of a situation, some completely irrational notion that popped into my head, my heart or my dreams might lead me to the truth.

My horses taught me that when all my best efforts failed I still had one other effective option to do, that was to do nothing and be patient, which was often much more powerful in the long run than any intellectual solution I could have come up with.

My awareness and ability to intuitively communicate with the horses has given me guidance to focus on my new adventures at Epona Retreat Centre

On the 22nd February 2008, we moved into our New Home in Rathcormac and from day, I knew this was a Haven for a Holistic Centre.  I had no notion how I was going to achieve it but it was my Dream.

In January 2017, Epona Retreat Centre opened its doors to the public and is now successfully up and running.  At Epona Retreat Centre I facilitate workshops “Courage to be Me”, I teach Reiki  & Animal Reiki. I send Distant Energy Healing facilitated by my three horses. I offer Equine Coaching Programmes to support woman to open up to self-love and explore and let go of emotional patterns from the past that no longer serves them through connecting with themselves and the horses.  Click here to watch my video

All this came about by me focusing on my dream, can you imagine how many times people told me I was crazy, I was being judged, what is energy work, how can you communicate with the horses, you don’t know anyone that would be interested in this kind of work, how would you get the money to fund it, the list goes on and on……….

But guess what?

I didn’t listen I found the support and the help and I invested in my dream.  I invested in my personal development and surrounded myself with successful & like-minded people.  Having the support gave me the space to move beyond my own self, created boundaries, communication, more focused and the biggest one of all imperfection.

Have you ever felt that the fear on not being good enough and limitations moving past your comfort zone was holding you back from changing your life?

When I became aware of these fears and limitations I believe it was a time of growth for me.

Something inside of me was telling me that if I could break through the fears I would be able to make a bigger difference in this world and the same time experience life with more peace and joy.  I would have to allow myself to be seen and the Courage to be Me.

This has inspired me to empower and lead you my beautiful Goddesses to step into your own power and dream with confidence to start changing emotionally and physically and to trust and be safe.  Take risks to go deeper and reach higher and move within yourself to find your true authenticity.

I am so excited to share with you my knowledge & insight that I have experienced over the last 8 years working closely with my horses and writing my Transformational Signature Workshop “Courage to be Me”.  I am very grateful and I would like to announce my last date for 2018 Transformational Workshop “Courage to be Me” in 2018 is  November 18th.     My Workshop “Courage to be Me” is a 1 day workshop.

Book you tickets and explore with me and the horses a magical and inspiring and motivational experience.

This workshop will leave you feeling confident true to yourself, more awakened to what is before you.

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What are people saying about my workshop?

It was amazing how connected to myself I felt on Monday afternoon!  Not connected to the nice part of me, always happy to please – but to a much stronger me, to a more authentic part of me, to the black horse in me. 

Animals know far more than WE do! Spiritually rewarding and beautiful.

Your passion & love for people and animals was evident today as you imparted your wisdom, nourished us with food, encouraged us to embrace our creative side and really awaken our own uniqueness to empower us to be leaders in our own lives within our soul purposes.

Sending you lots of love and light.

Noreen x