Letting go of the Control in our Lives

As you get older are you getting tired of reacting to the same dramas & chaos going on all around you?

Are you thoughts feelings cluttered and nothing is moving forward in your life – overwhelmed and taking on the world?

Do you feel used and abused & people are violating your boundaries?

Are you feeling afraid of losing/failing and putting a defensive guard up all the time to protect yourself?


Every single day we lose ourselves in the many roles we play, in the many things we do, and in the many labels we identify ourselves with. And by trying to cling to everything and everyone, and by seeking to take our value and sense of worth from outside ourselves, we slowly but surely drift away from our inner self.

Life was given to us as a gift – to enjoy and appreciate, to love and to live. And by finding our way back to ourselves, back to who life created us to be, we will be able to enjoy, appreciate and live our lives to the fullest.

Finding the strength, courage and confidence to let go of all those things that keep us from finding ourselves and from living our life in alignment with our life’s purpose, and see how much better we will feel.

Cleanse yourself. Release and let go of all our limitations, all the bad programming and all the negative past conditioning that has been keeping us from experiencing who we truly are, and start living life from a place of love, truth, authenticity and inner power.

Let go of the control and start over.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.” ~ Lao Tzu

My 3 horses are helping me so much lately in letting go of the control in my life.  This is based on a conditioned fear born out of many experiences where I witnessed control.  Ruby was mirroring me last week as she wouldn’t allow me near her, and she kept resisting and moving away from me.  Looking at it now I know she was mirroring my own behaviour, I resist being told what to do because I always felt it controlled me.  Look how wrecked Ruby’s energy is before us.

By me accepting and letting go of this habitual behaviour Ruby allowed me to brush her – she took me on a journey of releasing the resistance of control.  While trying to release the knots on her mane she would only allow me so much time and then she would guide me to parts of her body that I needed healing.  She guided me to the mane again to release another knot, this went on for over an hour.  I felt into the resistance of being controlled by Ruby and I allowed the challenge to run smoothly. I became aware of my attitude, thoughts and beliefs around this emotion and I began to let it go with peace and harmony.  See the difference in Ruby after letting go the resistance to Control.

I felt really good when I was finished, the horses moved away from me and Isabel released by doing a big pee and Ruby did a big poo. They continued their daily lives without Judgement.

“Horses are prey animals they respond to energy that is unfolding around them. They read it for survival and they respond to it.

At Epona Retreat Centre I have created a tranquil space for woman facilitated by my 3 horses so that they can identify who they truly are and help them create & open their awareness to who they really want to be. Release & identify what is holding them back & accept and acknowledge what is;

Letting go of the resistance to control, undesired expectations & explore their emotions thoughts & feelings to receive lOve, jOy & gratitude;

Allowing space to be who they are & grow within themselves and take responsibility for their own life;

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