Life Holds The Seeds For Our Spiritual Growth

How can we find a way to honor these natural cycles of life in spiritual practice?

First, we must respect the changing cycles that life brings us and accept the inner tasks they bring.  In this way our spiritual growth can develop naturally along with them.  Our society has lost touch with these rhythms, and in many ways we are thought to ignore them.   Young children are force-fed discipline and early academic training instead of being free to play and learn in healthy ways.  When we respect the natural cycles in life, we find that each of life’s stages has a spiritual dimension.  Each stage contributes wisdom and experience that we will draw upon in our spiritual growth.   Firstly, in our mother’s womb, the emotional depth. 

  • As an infant we experience the freshness of seeing, feeling and touching and the world for the first time.  The playfullness, joy, curiosity of our childhood can become foundation for the delighted discovery of our first spiritual experience. 
  • The independence and rebelliousness of our adolescence offer us yet another quality essential in our practice.  Finding out our own truth. 
  • As we move into young adult we develop a compassion concern for others besides ourselves. 
  • As adults we become more caring and responsible for our family, our community, our world.  We have a strong desire to fulfill our own unique expression of life. 
  • As we mature, having seen many cycles of birth and death, there is a detachment and wisdom that grows within us.

Each stage of our life holds the seeds for our spiritual growth.   Our spiritual life matures when we consciously accept life’s tasks appropriate to us.  When we are faced with unexpected cycles, difficult cycles, by bringing them respect each of these cycles have a spiritual lesson in them.  It may be a lesson of staying centered through this great crisis; develop a forgiving heart ; It may be a lesson of acceptance or a lesson of courage; finding the strength of heart to stand our ground and live from our deepest values.   On our journey of spiritual growth we will be greatly influenced to following a teacher for support and later find ourselves the teacher.   At the beginning we may focus on detachment and solitude while at a later stage we extend our loving kindness through service to others.  As we become aware we will bring love, wisdom and forgiveness that has been needed all along.   How can Equine Therapy help you on our Spiritual Journey? Horses respond to our desire for change, we need to become aware of what we are thinking otherwise the relationship that we are trying to build up can go haywire.  It is wonderful that the role of horses is increasingly recognized as helping a wide variety of people to understand themselves and each other.   They are the Master Guides and help people experience self-development through interaction.  Horses teach people about energy and helping them to choose and generate energy in all aspects of their life They encourage growth and learning through the “eye of the horse” and offers a supportive experiential learning environment in which the horse becomes the guide for human development, growth and learning.   Being in harmony with the horses revives the spirit, releases pent-up emotions and guides you towards the right action in balance with the greater good.   They will support you in Self respect which will give you trust in yourself and your abilities.   “If we seek a perfect horse, we first need to be perfect Humans”

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