Stepping into the partnership with the Horses

Stepping into the partnership with the horses is a programme specifically designed to support your journey of becoming a facilitator in Equine therapy .  Ruby, Lizzie and Isabel will be active partners in your 6 module Equine Therapy Coaching Programme.

The benefit of stepping into the partnership with the horses is that they can help you step into your own power of leadership, gaining clarity in your vision of purpose and they build your confidence in how you hold space and facilitate your clients. When you learn a good inner template of the Body Language of the horses through Equine Therapy, you  will be able to recognize the beautiful qualities in yourself and in your horses.

wisdom of horses

What we will be covering in the Programme

Delving deeper in the sub consciousness to create a higher vibration around the horses. Emotions are waves of communication that connects us to our horses. If we feel loving towards a horse, then he or she will reciprocate, transmitting healing energy. Our intellectual and logic aspects can cause us to lose connection with the horse. It is important to look into the eyes of the horse, eyes transmit energy from our thoughts and therefore, eye contact is a means of communication.

Explore Spiritual, Emotional, Mental & Physical connection with the horses. Claim your voice beside the horses, Identifying emotional/trauma barriers your are learning or growing with the horses. Horses are prey animals they respond to energy.  They read it for survival and respond to it. You will receive 3 Energy Attunements where I will be connecting you to the energy of the Gut, Heart and the Crown of the horses.

Trusting our Intuition – body language of the horses. Horses may not be able to talk but have many different ways of communicating with each other and their owner/trainer/carer.  They use body language and behaviour to express themselves, and leave chemical messages for others, in the form of pheromones.

(Feng Shui) Connects us deeply to Mother Nature, Horses and ourselves and it will allow you to know who you are, what you want and where you are going in your life. It creates a new relationship with your horses, connecting you to the magic of Mother Nature. When setting intentions out in the field with the horses and Mother Nature, the Horses speaks to us in the directions they are facing North, South, East & West. You will learn the meanings of the directions and how they will help you move forward in your life purpose.

Identify your Gifts – Patience, Leadership, Compassion, Firmness, Respect & Love. Perhaps we are hiding from others that speaks to what we carry forward and how this impacts on us and the world around us. We will be exploring how the horses will help you seek ways to use your skills, strengths in daily life to promote well-being and a flourishing life.  We will be identifying Human Positive and Negative Emotions and their varying degrees of intensity.

Give and Receive energy flow through Communication (90% nonverbal) & Physical Healing (Body parts of the Horses). A Horse can develop Behavioral Strategies over time, these actions are useful indicators and can help you understand how a horse feels about her environment.  The Physical Healing of the horse is very important work to release these behaviors.

Be Focused, Present and Connected to the horses and nature through meditations. Connect to your higher consciousness, authentic self and inner wisdom and create an intention around this space.  Connecting to setting new intentions to open the flow of abundance that you are seeking to attract into your life.  You will be given affirmations & mantras to Clear & Release blockages in your body.  It is your divine right to receive abundance in your life.

Aligning your Boundaries, Habits & Relationships. Head Language of the Horse – Facial Expressions, Eye Contact, Ear, Nose & Mouth Movement. What to look for when a horse is on High alert; Muscle Tensing; Head Tossing; Tail movement; Sexual Differences; You will receive videos of detailed descriptions of the body language of the horses and also experience it 1-2-1 with the horses.

Listening Skills to embrace your strength and power.   The horse is a prey species that has evolved to live in social groups.  The Horse have developed a range of sophisticated body language signals and behaviours to communicate with each other silently and safely.  Of course, horses do sometimes use vocal signals, but their primary method of communicating is through body language.  The big picture: A horse will use the whole of his body to communicate.  His overall posture can give you a lot of information about how he is feeling:

Receive Certification & Material at the end of the 6 month programme  “Wisdom, Gifts & Language of the Horses”.

As you ignite your senses to give and receive energy flow through communicating with the horses your magnificent spells of light and truth energise and attract everything you want in your life.  As you connect deeper into the horses core values you are voicing who you are and what you want powerfully and confidently to the horses.

When our agendas are set to one side and we concentrate instead of wanting to help the animal purely for his or her benefit, the more we will understand who this being before us is, because then the part of our brain that interprets the animal’s actions come into play.

“I see opportunities for abundance everywhere, I am blessed and prosperous, I deserve the best in Life I create wonderful beliefs for myself”

When you are doing what you are called to do in this world, you feel it, it energises you, it awakens you, it fits.  My works ignites me to create new programmes so that I can progress in my life and share my learning with my clients.  During our journey together the horses & I will perform our best and will have a tremendous influence on your work as an Horse Facilitator.

To enter this programme you will need to have completed my workshop “Courage to be Me”.

Sending you love and light.

Noreen x

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