“Amazing experience, attend any of Noreen’s events and you’ll come away completely relaxed, balanced and grounded in yourself. Definitely recommended!”.

anitaAnita Siegl, Co. Cork

“I recently availed of Noreens kind offer of a free 30min phone call and I felt so good afterwards. I had to sit down and give space to enjoying how good I felt, it was as though all my cells had been enlivened. I felt energetic and supported and hopeful for my future. Noreen is a well of positivity and wisdom, thank you from the bottom of my heart x”.

lilanLilan Leask, Co. Kerry

“Noreen, Epona Retreat Centre and Noreen’s horses are truly magical! The experience with the horses was incredible and Noreen has a lovely, natural, intuitive way of interpreting the feelings of the horses and communicating with you. The setting is magical too….a really super experience. Thank you Noreen, a very thought provoking session for me. Looking forward to returning to you soon. Thank you, Aoife”.

aoife murphyAoife McCarthy, Co. Cork, originally from Massachusetts

“Today I had the absolute pleasure to have had a treatment with Noreen at the Epona Centre. Firstly the centre is stunning , an area of great tranquility – rustic & peaceful. Beautifully thought out and full of heart. The treatment was fab – it was effective , relaxing and very releasing . Honestly I couldn’t recommend Noreen or the place more highly. Noreens loving, direct and honest care of you makes all the difference. Looking forward to my next one.
If interested do book in advance she books up fast”.

karynKaryn Johnson, Co. Cork

“I’ve been on several visits to Epona. Myyyy treat to myself.. Each visit has been important to me – I adore horses! Noreen is absolutely beautiful inside and out – her welcome is so warm and engaging . Love her understanding of horses (and people .) *Extra bonus * The homemade food is delicious ! Leaving this beautiful place , I feel my soul got a huge kiss and a hug . ..I always take with me, the spirit of peace and calm in my soul …and look forward to returning time and time again. Thank you Noreen?”.

Christina Black, Co. Dublin

“I recently attended Noreen ‘s Holistic Horse Camp. Welcomed by Noreen with a warmth and a glowing smile. I actually don’t own a horse but have a huge love of animals and know the healing the horses give is amazing. I had been going through alot of changes in my life and also wanted to confirm that the new adventure I want to undertake is right for me. The day did not disappoint. It was relaxing, grounding and very special to be with the horses and connect with them under the watchful guidance of Noreen. Noreen explained everything the horses were doing for each person individually. We had a beautiful lunch all home made by Noreen with plenty of coffee and herbal teas to wash it down. The day was great value and I can highly recommend it. Thank you Noreen for always being there for me when I need that extra help, guidance, releasing, healing and love. Sending you love and light, Siobhan ??“.

siobhan murphySiobhan Murphy, Co. Cork
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