We are the source of our own Unlimited Power

How many of you believe that we are living in an organised structured society which place limits & boundaries on almost everything that you do?

As humans we believe that we are limited. This is easy to believe because the human body has many obvious limitations. We live in an organised structured society, which place limits and boundaries on almost everything that we do. Limitations just seem to be a way of life. Right!!!

When I discovered Equine Energy Healing I was very much structured to do what everyone else’s was doing.   This technique showed me very clearly how limited a person is around Authenticity.  I felt like the horse tied to the post or left in the stable and not being able to be their true self.  I wanted to break free and have the Freedom to do my Energy Healing like a Horse.

How many of us feel like this?

“The Horse, like us, is an expression of the life within and only when we offer Authentic connection will the horse offer Friendship.”

Don’t let other people define your limitations.

Many people have good intentions, but their advice is often clouded by their emotional baggage.  So when someone tells you “you’ll never be able to do that” or “you shouldn’t” or “you can’t,” ignore them until you have figured out for yourself what’s true?

Through my spiritual understandings I have come to know the power I have within myself.  I have come to an understanding that this power of unlimited energy is within me and always was. When the Horses and I facilitate an energy healing session for a client, we actually bring the energy straight from our heart space which itself is connected to all that is. We are one with the Universe as the Universe is within us.

When I learnt to connect from within (not outside) I noticed how the power within increased. Not just through my hands in a treatment, but through my own empowerment and transformation in my life. This is the unlimited source of energy that we have access to within us. When you come to understand that we are the source of the unlimited power, then all beliefs about limitations start to change.

I personally made this shift through my connection to my own higher spirit & my spirit guides my horses.

When working with Lizzie my horse today she was opening me up to Trust in my Higher Spirit (Crown Chakra).  She was helping me to trust in the divine source.  She was releasing any negative thoughts and emotions running through my head.   Sticking to the commitments and getting them finished rather than relying solely on my behaviour to do the job.   Lizzie was biting and pushing me around to get the job done and also to trust in my community.

That evening Lizzie went to join Ruby & Isabel.  We trusted in our higher self to leave Lizzie join her community.   It all turned out so beautiful.  Isabel is enjoying Lizzie’s company and Ruby is still the leader.


When your heart speaks, listen. It is responding to something an equine wants you to know.

Only when we look into our heart will we awaken to reality, our vision becoming clear regarding what we need to do for horses as a mutual agreement in exchange for what they can teach us about life.

When the heart speaks and the mind is still, we hear the horse whispering to our soul.

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Sending you lots of love & light.

Noreen x