Work Hard to receive rewards in your Life

You are exploring the cave that is of You.  You are shining a light in the dark places within, unlocking and exposing all that’s preventing your magnificence, your greatness, your power, preventing you from standing strong”

Has our brain been trained to “WORK HARD” to receive rewards in our Life?


Is “WORKING HARD” stopping you from connecting with yourself, with your life and with the Universe?

We need to recognise the moments in our life when life is getting stressful and say to ourselves “I am out of flow”  STOP “RELAX and RESET”

When our body is WORKING HARD it creates crippling stress and tension in our minds and body.  The energy that comes from strenuous labour will shut off your natural flow.

Being super busy or WORKING HARD stops you from connecting with yourself, with your life and with the Universe.  This way of being takes you out of your natural flow.  When you are out of sync with yourself and the Universe you block that natural connection which leads to blocking your abundance and manifestation.

How will you feel when you are out of Natural Flow?

If you are feeling down, low energy, feeling negative or stressed something within you needs attention. We all go through challenging times but be aware when you are feeling like this you can bring yourself back to flow again.

Why is it not so easy?

It is not so easy because us humans we feel we need to control every situation and have it perfect.  Unfortunately we have no control over the outcome, we can only do our best and let it flow.

When we stop the activity,  there is no hiding.   The emotions that you have been unconsciously avoiding may come to the surface.  Avoidance is a protection, it is getting in the way of changing your life.

Relax is about loving yourself and valuing yourself enough to create the time and space for you.  When you stop and go within there is no hiding anymore.IMG_0258

Relax is about taking time out, giving yourself a chance to let your mind, body and spirit re balance.  This will give you clarity, peace of mind and connection.

When you slow down and clear the mind, you get on track and in agreement with your intentions.  In this space you will receive intuition, inner guidance, insight and wisdom about the next step and how to move forward towards your intentions.

Coming from a background of farming, HARD WORK seemed to have been the word driven home to us every day.  Cannot show feelings around this otherwise you are not good enough or there was that fear of rejection.  I had taken this on board all my life and when I started working with the horses they though me how to become aware of my feelings around the word RELAX and letting go of the HARD WORK.IMG_0233

When you are in the field working with the horses, you have to be very focused and aware of your own feelings because guess what? The horse mirrors you.  When you are not being true to yourself they will let you know pretty quickly. By being still and calm with the horses they can help you become emotionally balanced.  The horses will wait for you to work it out, no matter how long it takes.

10 years ago we moved into our New Home in Rathcormac (23rd February 2008).  This has been a journey of sabotage, vulnerability, grief, limitations, joy, peace and love.

Did I think my dream back then would ever come to existence 10 years later?

I was very afraid back then but something inside of me kept the vision very clear in my head.  Today,  I have put the Epona Retreat Centre Sign up for everyone to find me. YAAH!!!!!  Yes, I have finally emotionally let go of the feeling of not being good enough & of being rejected, to a feeling of LOVE and being of service to my community.

It was my Mentor who said to me “Leaping afraid is an Act of Self Love” and every day I have been taking  steps to Self Love.  This has opened up my heart to receive and give more Love.  I have become more intuitive in my Energy work and very aware of my life purpose, this has guided me to move forward towards my intentions.  I am so so grateful to all my mentors for supporting and celebrating with me on my life’s path. So much more to GIVE and RECEIVE.

My question to you is, are you Working too hard and would you like to Stop, Relax & Reset and get more clarity, peace of mind and connection back into your life?

Book a Free 30min Consultation session with me here and I can help you be more aware of your possibilities in life.


If you are looking for leadership and would like to connect more powerfully & courageously within yourself so that you can open up your heart to love in your daily life.    Join me and the horses as I lead my Workshop “Courage to be ME” at Epona Retreat Centre in 2019.

This workshop is for you if you are ready to open you up to Self Love and explore letting go of emotional patterns from the past that no longer serve you and that have held you back in your life.

Come and reconnect with your true self through horses so that you can begin living an authentic life now!

Sending you lots of love and light.

Noreen x