Would you like to be more aware of who you are?

What are your intentions for today?  Let us call on the energies to help us bring out all our love, ideas, dreams and intentions at this time and to help guide us through the foundation of this great new beginning and fresh start. Embrace your true self and find fulfillment everyday within.

Intentions shapes your reality, once you intend to heal, healing has already begun and when you add the power, belief & attitude your healing practice exuberates.  Align your beliefs and actions with your intention, you will shed this emotionally and physically with ease and grace naturally.

Be easy on yourself, blame and judgement never reached their goal because negative motivation is incompatible with positive results.  Be self-realignant by claiming your own life, too many people give their power away by allowing others to control them – shaping your opinion and low self-esteem, by refusing to appreciate yourself.

What is the greatest expression of yourself that you can be?

Are you claiming your own Power?

Would you like to be more aware of who you are?

How much do you appreciate yourself?

The horses demonstrate their natural ability when interacting with humans, they instantly present an emotional awareness to a person that is often not only aware but in many cases transformative.  Horses work on and with us, which is why, increasingly contact with horses is recommended for therapeutic reasons.  Horses can have an endless healing effect on humans, as our communication with them activates an awakening of long forgotten abilities as well as the development of qualities we didn’t know existed within us.   It is up to us to accept or decline what is offered.

Time spent with a horse can do far more than raise your awareness, it can help us believe in ourselves, prompting a journey of self-discovery.

While working and training with horses it has come to my understanding that horses are highly attentive, this ability allows them to detect the slightest sound, smell, or movement, any of which might indicate the presence of a life-threatening predator. Their ability to read with pure precision not just the behaviour of others but their silent intentions is what gives the horse the emotional mirroring knowledge of the most talented human therapist.

Their outward awareness also exists as an indication in humans suffering from emotional issues.  It is both the empathy and the attraction to what is familiar between a very attentive horse and a human victim of emotional trauma that creates feelings of trust, approval and love, the horse recognises the qualities this enables them to naturally help in the healing process.

Awareness is the key to so many areas of your life.  All of your choices must be made with the full knowledge of why you’re making them. Even if the rationale behind your choices isn’t the best, just having a reason and being aware of it are what matters. When we raise our awareness, we act as beacons to show others how to raise their awareness as well.

Horses live in herds, in order to increase their chances of survival.  To encourage social coherence and keep the herd together, horses have developed survival qualities. These include: being accepting, tolerant, kind, respectful, honest, fair, non judgmental, compassionate, and forgiving. All of these native equine qualities are also applied when a horse interacts with a human.

Horses do not judge humans they judge our behaviour including our most delicate intentions.  A horse will consistently mirror back the exact feelings, attitudes, and intentions of a human that initiates even the slightest interaction. This can instantly be observed by how the horse responds to the person. Amazingly the fastest and most accurate way to discover who you are and what you’re presenting to the world is revealed from interacting with a horse.

The horse’s advance Herd energy vibration and their highly attentiveness establish the basis of the horse’s power to heal our human emotional wounds many of which often originate in either a past life trauma or from one’s damaged feelings of self-worth.

A horse with its natural mirroring ability can help initiate healing for anyone in need of emotional healing. Equine therapy has become one of the most beneficial and cost-effective programs for today.

This week Isabel my 11 month old foal raised an issue for me by mirroring and reflecting what is happening inside me, this was revealed through energetic movement as well as  my body language.  She sensed what was going on, she acted accordingly.  Isabel has taught me to look at the small details, to be patient and not to rush ahead and to wait to make the right move.  She demonstrated this by limping on her right foot.


Isabel sensed my emotions around moving forward and she was their to comfort me during the process. Isabel supported and provided insight into the spiritual landscape that unfolded within me.  She activated a self guiding process whereby I learnt to stand on my own 2 feet as I move Epona Retreat Centre to the next level.  She encouraged me to step forward into the light with Courage, Strength and Confidence and to  use my gut feeling as my inner voice to act as a guide in making choices.

Isabel limping was acknowledged by me and I understood what she was trying to tell me.  Horses want, and need their pain to be acknowledged as real and when recognised they are so relieved that someone is listening to them.  Isabel was shown love and respect and we released the pain together.  Today, the limping has gone and Isabel is flying around the field again and enjoying the fine weather.  As for me, I am truly blessed and honored to be around these beautiful animals who have helped me to feel more powerful within and have given me the courage to open up my heart to my life purpose.   This in turn has enabled me to help woman that come to Epona Retreat Centre to create a positive difference in their lives.  My 3 horses are my soul mates and they are here to support our spiritual growth and for us to learn to connect deeper within ourselves.

At Epona Retreat Centre I have designed workshops & programmes interacting with horses without any riding.  These programmes are designed to help woman to release and let go of all their limitations, all the bad programming and all the negative past conditioning that has been keeping them from experiencing who they truly are, and start living life from a place of love, truth, authenticity and inner power.

In a nutshell, “I help women to become more aware of who they really are now and guide them on a journey on how they would like to live their lives today”.  –  “COURAGE TO BE ME” 

Sending you lots of love and light.

Noreen x

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