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Noreen Roche is a Transformational Equine Therapist, Energy Healer, Retreat Host and Animal Reiki Master Teacher.

At Epona Retreat Centre our mission is to allow you to disconnect from everyday stresses and enhance wellness.  We gently introduce nature and the intuition of horses to connect with your own awareness and wellbeing.

At Epona Retreat Centre Noreen has created a tranquil, expansive and sacred space for her clients facilitated by her 3 therapy horses through Equine Learning and Energy Healing.  Noreen offers the highest quality therapies, Equine Retreats, Bespoke Group Day Retreats,  Animal Reiki Training, Horse Therapy and Online training where she invites and invoke healing and creates a safe place where her clients can come and get back to themselves, where they can reclaim their connectiveness and heal.

Epona Retreat Centre has 13 acres of beautiful countryside situated in Rathcormac, Co. Cork.   The Equine experience is non-riding, no experience of horse is required.  

At Epona Retreat Centre we open the path to your awareness and visualize your direction in life with ease so you can walk forward confidently in your life.

Noreen x

About Noreen

Noreen partners with her 3 horses to teach personal development skills to both individuals and Groups.

I am grateful for my family and animals for supporting & challenging me at times when I most needed it.  The grief, the love and the liberation.   I know that I am where I need to be, in this phase of my life, pursing my goals to share & teach my wisdom, courage, insights and trust.  Through opening my heart to the possibilities and by believing in “Why not me” my passion emerged helping me to commit  to my true purpose in life working with the energy of Animals and the Land. 
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The benefit of being with horses is that they can help you step into your own power of leadership, gaining clarity in your vision of purpose and they build your confidence in how you hold space and facilitate your clients. When you learn a good inner template of the Wisdom, Gifts & Language of the horses you will be able to recognize the beautiful qualities in yourself and in your horses.

Equine Therapy Retreats

At Epona Retreat Centre Noreen has designed Retreats to ignite your sense of purpose, passion and playfullness with the energy vibration of Noreen’s 3 therapy horses and immerse yourself in Mother Nature.  Spending time with horses can bring us to discover our hidden talents, leading to personal development.

equine coaching programmes
Online Program – 9 Steps to Unleash your Inner Power  For professional woman who want to create their true life purpose so that they can make an impact in their life without procrastinating and feeling anxious.

Animal Reiki Teaching

Animal Reiki is a spiritual practice of compassion for all beings. Reiki on animals simply means learning to meditate with your animals with the intent to help and support them through holding space.

This practice can help you navigate your life’s challenges with grace while you learn to listen to and be present for others in a compassionate space.

This is the best way we can express our loving-kindness toward others. Compassion is the ultimate healer and this is the powerful space Animal Reiki creates.

Learn Level 1, 2, 3 & Master Teacher Training here at Epona Retreat Centre with the Horses, Dogs and Mother Nature.