At  Equine Retreats I empower woman with the tools of Meditation, Journaling and Mother Nature to lean into their power of inner stillness, through the energy of the horses & Mother Nature. This reduces life’s more challenging ways of judging us towards listening to our hearts suggestions. Feet firmly planted in the ground we can feel steady and ready for whatever finds us.

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Our experience on the 3 days: was amazing:
“When we were still we became more aware of our senses and Mother Nature guided us to have a deeper connection to not only ourselves but to the woods, the caves and the horses on our 3 day retreat”  We were brought into alignment with that place within that knows we are whole and beautiful.


As soon as you project love to the horses they will send their wisdom and healing back to you.
Horses as prey animals cannot waste energy on worry or fear, because depletion & waste of this precious energy means a dead or vulnerable horse.

They sense the environment as it is in the present moment, allowing their behaviour based on that.

I learn everyday valuable and powerful lessons from the horses how to hold sacred space for trust and where perhaps I can borrow some of that trust for my own journey and how trust gets enlightened.
When you work with the horses they help you to identify our own ability to trust. As humans we wander through life virtually oblivious to what is surrounding us. Our brain sweating in panic as we try to dissect little bits of information in a constant struggle to fill the gaps of awareness. This process distracts us and dissociates us from our senses, instinct & intuition. We become dependant on authority figure who teach us to cling to the past, and focus on the future, thus losing our ability to function in the present.
I look around me today and see what I have achieved in my life. From somebody who has no horsemanship skills, & my biggest fear was horses. I have come along way in trusting my gut instinct, my inner power in guiding me to work with my horses.

The horses have taken me on a journey of my inner child and allowed me to open my heart to loving, surrendering & forgiving myself. A very powerful process, but when you get to a place of at Onement with the horses the healing is transformational.
Check out my Rediscover your Inner Child Equine Retreat
Dates: 19th – 21st July ; 30th Aug – 1st Sept; 15th – 17th Nov 2024.


Trusting gives you the freedom to change & let go and emerge into who you are. You are freeing yourself from the past so you can be at ease.
Some of the actions may not be easy. You may have to learn new skills. It will push you out of your comfort zone. But trust that the universe will give you what you need and want.

When you take soul-aligned actions, you’ll achieve and create miraculous results with just a few key moves, instead of a dozens complicated steps. 

This is the gift of horses and what they teach you. Keep it simple.

I would like to share Five reasons why Equine Retreats at Epona Retreat Centre are so good for your overall well-being and mental health.

Noreen offers the highest of quality  therapies#retreats#workshops#meditations#horsetherapy and VIP #mentoring  where she invites & invokes healing and creates a safe place where woman can come and get back to themselves, where they can reclaim their connectiveness and heal.
This closeness of Mother Nature and the #horses  and the simplicity of the contact is the spirit of the experience which you will have at #EponaRetreatCentre.
💜 Firstly, you will explore what you don’t know yet, but you can feel it lurking in your soul. For those new to a particular discipline, idea, or modality, equine retreats can be a beautiful jump start to the rest of your life. Horses teaches you about their skill of being in the moment and having presence of mind. When we are disconnected from this we experience separation.  At Epona Retreat Centre you will find yourself immersing into a way of living that perhaps you have been craving, yet unsure how to embark upon.
❤️ Secondly, deepen what you have been experiencing, and desire more of. For those who are well on their way, Equine retreats can offer a mammoth leap forward, deepening the digestion, and integration of your day-to-day life, and of your overall journey. Reminding you how to live aware, intentional, inspired & visualise your direction in life with ease so you can walk forward confidently. You will learn that presence of mind reconnects and anchors you with your inner power, enabling you to become aware of thoughts, feelings, and surroundings.
💚Thirdly, to take space away from “normal” life, in an intentional and present way. For those feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, full of anxiety, or simply needing distance from a very stimulating life. Equine Retreats can be a wonderful space to reset, refine and rediscover your priorities. It also allows you to experience or remember another way of being. Even if just for an hour, this can cultivate the space you are craving, allowing you to refresh, ready to engage in your life with clarity and confidence.
🧡 Fourthly, to be witnessed by Noreen’s 3 therapy horses at Epona Retreat Centre. For those feeling disconnected, depleted, and polarized by others and the world. Equine Retreats can bring a sense of self that feels alive and innately safe.  Allowing deeper connection to not only yourself but to all beings. As you navigate the current landscape of your era, this is maybe even more important than ever, as feeling and being connected cannot be underestimated in living a vibrant, healthy, and aware life.
💙 Lastly, to be held in sacred space by a trusted teacher/s. It makes sense in these uncertain times that more people want to reconnect with feeling good and with what really matters to them. Equine Retreats can bring you in alignment with that place within that knows you are perfect and whole. Having someone (as a horse  or guide) hold the vision of your truth while you explore and discover it for yourself is one of the most beautiful aspects of this retreat.
surround yourselfEpona Retreat Centre offers a variety of equine retreat programmes with Noreen’s 3 therapy horses for individuals, small groups and corporate teams. All equine retreats are designed to open people to the beauty and practical wisdom of horses and to walk away with greater joy, excitement and confidence.
Clients come for a number of reasons, some are curious about experiencing horses for the first time, or experiencing them in a different way.  Others come with a particular challenge or opportunity they hope to explore with the horses.
At Epona Retreat Centre we open the journey of your awareness and visualise your direction in life with ease so you can walk forward confidently.

Within you, there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself”

~ Herman Hesse

” I had the realisation that I was not living in alignment with the truth of who I am.  I was busy trying to prove my significance to the world but mostly to myself.  In the moment the horses showed me I matter just as I am there was a brief shudder of dismay for a lifetime of misspent energy.  The next moment was filled with a peace I have never known.  In the echo of all that, is, it was crystal clear, I am enough.  And I don’t have to do one damn thing to prove it”
I am truly grateful to Noreen and her magnificent horses Ruby, Lizzy and Isabel for the amazing healing I received while having a one to one session with them recently. The energy was amazing, I felt so safe and loved during the healing. So much released for me, it was truly an wonderful and unforgettable experience. Noreen is an amazing healer and lady who is so loving, understanding and compassionate. I highly recommend booking in with her. I am so grateful that I did.
My path crossed Noreen’s when I was searching for deeper meaning on my own personal journey. Not only does Noreen help guide a greater alignment with one’s own intuition, she does so it a way that is beyond compare. A treatment with Noreen at Epona is profoundly gratifying, grounding and spiritual. For me the results cannot be measure – they are beyond words. All I can say is that the continued sense of deep peace is lasting and to be in Noreen’s energy is truly humbling. A true master at her craft x
My healing session with Noreen and her majestic horses and was one of the most profound healing sessions I’ve ever had. Magical is the first word that comes to mind when I think of it. She holds a beautiful sacred and safe space surrounded in the beautiful natural environment. I was amazed at how intuitive she is when working with the animals and I felt the whole experience to be deeply grounding, healing and joyous. I would highly recommend a session with her. Miriam, Cork.
Sending you all healing love my soul tribe.
Noreen ❤️
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Rediscover you Inner Child 19th July – 21st July 2024; 30th August – 1st September 2024; 15th November – 17th November 2024.