How to hold space for a domineering/controlling horse?

How many of us accumulate happenings that call out for our attention and we decide to make a choice of DOMINEERING/CONTROLLING it from a lower energy realms?

Ask yourself are your negative thoughts and emotions taking over your physical, emotional, and mental energy as you connect with your horse?

Ask your horse are they acting out in anger, surrendering to stress & anxiety or are they doubting if you are truly who you wish to be?

To be aware and accept are two of the most essential qualities to develop while working on yourself and your horses’.  Aware that you are both emotional creatures and will continue to experience darker thoughts and emotions such as anger, resentment, stress and anxiety. Allow each other the space to accept these feelings with calmness. This acceptance is vital as all emotions are deserving of our love. Where you may stumble is in reflecting on these thoughts and emotions and refuse to allow and refrain from becoming or acting out in these emotions.

When you embrace darker emotions, you are able to hear the messages from the horses. Anger for instance, is a great message that says that a boundary needs to be set. That boundary can be set in love with the horses.

You can refrain from becoming the emotion of anger, while still accepting it is a part of you. This goes the same for any other emotion that you might be thinking. Find the message in the emotion, treat it with healing and choose the healthiest response, even if that response is to accept that there is nothing to do other than support the emotion with love until it lessens.

As you develop awareness and acceptance of what prevents you from maintaining a higher vibration in the face of daily life, surrendering becomes a basic action. Purposely, surrendering the resistance of what is. When you submit to the present moment with the horses, exactly how it presents itself, and aside from expectations or how you might like to dominate/control it, you will find great peace. Surrendering in this way grants the power to respond to the moment from a higher vibration, instead of reacting out of old, and perhaps dysfunctional, habits.

Today, my awareness while out in the field with Lizzie my Palomino horse was “Domineering/ Controlling”.  She approached me and stood over me and tried to nibble me.  A sense of Anger/rage entered into my body towards her.  My physical and mental and emotional thoughts were “Move away from me, stop looking down on me, stop biting me, stop domineering/controlling me, where can I run away to”  As I felt these negative thoughts and emotions I stood still and allowed Lizzie to shadow over me, I trusted her.  I opened my senses to the birds singing, the other horses chewing and walking in the grass.  I stood still and saw the shadow of the trees on the horse’s bodies.   I could feel the light breeze move over my body, I could feel my eyes going blurry and my body swaying from side to side.  I could feel the tension, aches and pains in my body. I could feel the release as Lizzie licked and chewed beside me.  It was time to breath, breath in the beautiful fresh air, breath in the love of Nature and the Animals that surrounded me here at Epona Retreat Centre.  Lizzie stood beside me and surrendered by yawning bringing her head up from my feet all the way up to my heart chakra.  She opened up my lower chakras to help me connect more deeply with the spirit that moves through me and allow me to get to know myself again.

When we raise our consciousness to this level it makes us better people, we are friendlier, more in tune with the world, more open and self-assured.   At the root chakra we are concerned mainly with our own basic survival needs, at the sacral chakra is about sharing with others, The orange rays that shines from the sacral centre has a warm welcoming glow, balancing the sacral you will be more caring and confident & people will gravitate towards you.  Lizzie turned around and walked away to join the other horses out in the field, teaching me I don’t have to re-act, instead I can honour the sacredness within myself and in others.  By bringing the breath back into the present moment I can connect with my inner wisdom & my intuition.  So grateful for her teachings and messages.

Awareness, acceptance, and surrender will allow you to shine in maintaining the vibration in the face of daily life. Therefore, practicing these qualities  takes on a profound importance. Pursuing activities such as taking time for energy healing with Horses, meditation in Nature, Tai Chi/QiGong and other mindfulness exercises will help you strengthen these qualities. As you gently guide yourself daily within these practices, they will begin to naturally spill over into the rest of your life. Before you realize it, you will be maintaining high vibrations no matter what the moments of your day present to you.

Higher vibration (Intuition) is a powerful, useful, natural gift that can lead you to better decisions, healthier living, richer experiences, and more fulfilling relationships. (Pretty much everything.)

When you live on the higher vibrational edge, you will learn to:

  • Trust your instincts.
  • Find it easier to make decisions.
  • Know the difference between intuitive insights and internal noise.
  • Bring clarity and guidance to uncertainty.
  • Find creative solutions to problems.
  • Achieve your goals with greater purpose, power, and passion.
  • Enjoy fulfilling and joyful interactions with friends, loved ones, and colleagues.
  • Refine your powers of perception and heighten your awareness.

You’ll soon find yourself attracting what you need to make your life better and better. On a deep, inner mind level you will be steadily raising the “vibrational level” of your physical, emotional, and mental energy.

Why is this so important?

Changing the reasons why you do things in your life, creates different results with what you do and in who you are with your Horses

The bottom line is that times can get tough – but there’s nothing wrong with believing you’re tougher.  Because when you believe you ARE good enough to create the life you desire, and you believe that YOU ARE good enough to make it through any situation.  When this happens, the way you look at things suddenly change, and before you know it, your reality positively changes with it.

There’s no need to try to compete or catch up with those who are in your field.  Be the best version of YOU.  Be the change you want to see in YOURSELF.  Allow the future vision of YOU to be your hero.