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I would like to invite you to my HOLISTIC HORSE CAMP on Sunday 23rd August 2020 @ Epona Retreat Centre, Rathcormac, Co. Cork, Ireland from 10.30am to 2.00pm.


As you connect deeper into the horses Core Values you are voicing who you are and what you want powerfully and confidently to the horses.

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About Noreen

Epona Retreat Centre was a dream of Noreen’s when she entered the gates in 2008.

She knew in her heart this was the place she was going to settle down and change because of the beauty, tranquillity and magic here at Epona.

Never had she foreseen that she would be working with Horses, in fact horses were her biggest fear.

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Epona Elite Academy

Noreen’s Epona Elite Academy specialises in woman’s personal and professional development through equine learning and energy healing.

Her intention is to help woman to find hope and forgiveness within themselves and walk a path of truth and happiness.

Noreen guides and supports woman to experience a feeling of connection with their true self through the horses so that you can begin living an authentic life.

Equine 1-2-1 Therapy
Wisdom Gifts and Language Of The Horse

Equine Therapy Retreats

At Epona Retreat Centre I have designed workshops for Horse lovers, Animal lovers, Nature lovers to interact with the Horses, Spirit Animal Guides and Nature.

These workshops help and support you to have the courage to be vulnerable, courage to be supported, courage to see your greatness, courage to be creative, courage to dream big, courage to listen to your intuition, courage to take the next small step, courage to speak your truth, courage to live fully, courage to laugh without control, courage to make decisions, courage to open your heart to unconditionally love, courage to be without judgment and lastly the Courage to be You.

See below my list of offerings to you and the world.

Courage To Be Me
equine therapy retreats
equine coaching programmes

Online Program – 9 Steps to Unleash your Inner Power

This online transformation program is for leaders to unleash their inner power and who wants to find their purpose, direction and increase their confidence through the revolutionary programme that taps into the power of the horses.

9 Steps To Unleash Your Inner Power

Animal Reiki Teaching

Animal Reiki is a spiritual practice of compassion for all beings. Reiki on animals simply means learning to meditate with your animals with the intent to help and support them through holding space.

This practice can help you navigate your life’s challenges with grace while you learn to listen to and be present for others in a compassionate space.

This is the best way we can express our loving-kindness toward others. Compassion is the ultimate healer and this is the powerful space Animal Reiki creates.

Learn Level 1 and 2 here at Epona Retreat Centre with the Horses, Dogs and Mother Nature.

Animal Reiki Teaching
certified programmes