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I would like to thank you for attending all my events this year 2020 On-line & Off-line.  All my retreats were cancelled this year due to the COVID-19.  I did get to meet amazing people locally and on-line during the year.

My last event for 2020 all going well is My Animal Reiki Level 1 training here at Epona Retreat on Saturday 5th December 2020.  Time 10.30am to 5.00pm.  Check it out on my event facebook page here.

I am presently planning my events for next year.  I will be promoting on-line courses for Adults and Children (keep an eye out for these courses).  My retreats and workshops will be starting in April 2021.

Sending you love & light.

Stay Safe.

Noreen x

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About Noreen

Noreen Roche is a Transformational Equine Coach & Energy Healer at Epona Retreat Centre, Ireland.

Noreen partners with her 3 horses to teach personal development skills to both individuals and Groups.

Noreen’s intention is to help woman to find hope and forgiveness within themselves and walk a path of truth and happiness. She guides and supports woman to experience a feeling of connection with their true self through the horses so that you can begin living an authentic life.

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I guide and support my clients to open up to Self-Love and explore and let go of emotional patterns from the past that no longer serves them through connecting with themselves and the horses. The more we give from the heart, the more the mind receives.

The benefit of being with horses is that they can help you step into your own power of leadership, gaining clarity in your vision of purpose and they build your confidence in how you hold space and facilitate your clients. When you learn a good inner template of the Wisdom, Gifts & Language of the horses you will be able to recognize the beautiful qualities in yourself and in your horses.

Equine 1-2-1 Therapy
Wisdom Gifts and Language Of The Horse

Equine Therapy Retreats

At Epona Retreat Centre I have designed workshops for Horse lovers, Animal lovers, Nature lovers to interact with the Horses, Spirit Animal Guides and Nature.

These workshops help and support you to have the courage to be vulnerable, courage to be supported, courage to see your greatness, courage to be creative, courage to dream big, courage to listen to your intuition, courage to take the next small step, courage to speak your truth, courage to live fully, courage to laugh without control, courage to make decisions, courage to open your heart to unconditionally love, courage to be without judgment and lastly the Courage to be You.

See below my list of offerings to you and the world.

Courage To Be Me
equine therapy retreats
equine coaching programmes

Online Program – 9 Steps to Unleash your Inner Power

This online transformation program is for leaders to unleash their inner power and who wants to find their purpose, direction and increase their confidence through the revolutionary programme that taps into the power of the horses.

9 Steps To Unleash Your Inner Power

Animal Reiki Teaching

Animal Reiki is a spiritual practice of compassion for all beings. Reiki on animals simply means learning to meditate with your animals with the intent to help and support them through holding space.

This practice can help you navigate your life’s challenges with grace while you learn to listen to and be present for others in a compassionate space.

This is the best way we can express our loving-kindness toward others. Compassion is the ultimate healer and this is the powerful space Animal Reiki creates.

Learn Level 1 and 2 here at Epona Retreat Centre with the Horses, Dogs and Mother Nature.

Animal Reiki Teaching