Becoming more Horselike in your thinking is a shortcut to freeing your mind from all the misguided habits that keep you from using it effectively.

On my life path I have searched for soulful ways to unlock my mind, working with horses is one sure way to challenge your deepest expectations.  Your dreams & desires may be in your head “dreaming of becoming a horse whisperer” but you have to engage with the horses to make this happen.  Going through the biting (to let go of the controlling), herded and walked all over (setting boundaries) to name a few.

“When we become the master of our mind, troubling thoughts come and go like clouds moving across a clear blue sky” Linda Kohanov.  This is where I took my soulful ways serious and I took up the art of Tai Chi and QiGong to help me master my emotions and feelings while working with my 3 therapy horses.

Feeling the hands waving like clouds in my Tai Chi practise allows me to create change with ease and love, my emotions and feelings are carried away on the clouds.  My spirit finds new strength and soars to new heights as a result of the transformation created through the trauma going on in my mind. Connecting with the Yin and Yang energy I’ve allowed the golden sun energy to shine within my soul and heal.  As I expand and grow, I have the ability to act in harmony with myself, my horses and other people around me.

My aim is to have an even distribution flow of Chi energy throughout my body to create harmony and inner peace in my life.   Through disciplined practice I have allowed the Chi to flow through me to connect deeply with my divine inner core, created balance and expanded my consciousness.  Rising above limitations and soared towards Freedom and Abundance. I have shone the light into the darkness revealing my soul path with greater awareness.   I’m learning to balance my Yin and Yang Chi energy with the horses as it manifests in different masses.  As a young child I learnt to close down my heart chakra, holding tightness in my chest and abdomen.  I have held tight my capacity to love and be loved fully.  Working with the Chi energy & the horses was painful as I released a lot of stored hurt and grief in my life. I was challenged with darkness but I knew I had to go to the depts of darkness to reach the lightness in my heart. Breaking old habits and behaviours and allowing the positive energy to be programmed into my mind.

When we go deep within our soul we are reconnected with our true self and healing takes place.  When you leave Epona you are processing what went on here at my retreats. The outcome is ongoing.

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equine therapy

When we train the brain and the ego, we bring our heart, gut and brain into coherent (love, compassion, joy and peace) like the horses.

A coherent heart pattern is indicative of a system that can recover and adapt to stressful situations very efficiently. Many times, we just need to be in the presence of horses to feel a sense of well-being and peace.

In fact, research shows that people experience many physiological benefits by interacting with horses, including lower blood pressure and heart rate, higher beta-endorphins (neurotransmitters acting as pain suppressors), decreased stress levels, decreased feelings of anger, hostility, tension and anxiety, better social working; and greater feelings of empowerment, confidence, patience and self-efficacy.

Horses are hardwired for the state of nonattachment, the rhythms of nature, kicking up there heals on a cool spring morning, grazing peacefully in fields of flowing grass, with a constant awareness of predators.  They mirror what’s happening from moment to moment.  They not only reflect indifference in emotions and intention, they highlight unrecognised strengths and improvements in people as well, providing sell awareness, the most difficult aspect of any mindfulness practice.

This is what people are sending me back;

“I have already connected with Ruby over the past 2 days, which is such an amazing nurturing feeling.

On the topic of abundance, I was certainly holding a belief that abundance meant wanting and needing more and more, but have come to realize it is not all about that. I feel I have released something which is enabling me to be freer “

“My hope for my next visit is to be much closer physically to the horses – but we have shifted almost 20years of hurt, pain & fear so high 5s to us all.

“I have already grown since my time at Epona.”