Do you wish you had the power to be more of who you are?

Are you longing to have a deeper connection with yourself, those around you and the horses?

This beautiful heart centred workshop. lead by Transformational Coach Noreen O’Neill Roche, will support you to open up to self-love, to explore and let go of emotional patterns from the past that no longer serve you & have held you back. Throughout this workshop you will deepen your connection with self, with others and with horses.

We will be mastering positive thinking and positive emotions, opening up our hearts to self-love. All horses sense what you are feeling and these emotions instruct them in how to act when in your presence, resulting in helping you to delve deeper into your heart space so at to reach insights and truths that have been buried, in some cases for a very long time.

By acknowledging and clearing negativity, healing can take place. The workshop will help you to feel more powerful within yourself and give you the courage to open up your heart to love in your daily life.

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Creative Activities

At my workshop “Courage to be Me” we will be exploring practical activities, including art, handicrafts, colouring, clay, design, exercise, which will help give our creativity a boost, taking us closer to the forces of meeting the horses. This helps reach mind states that are similar to those of horses.

Be prepared to get your hands and clothes dirty!!!!!!

Creativity is playful, carefree with progress, it creates for the fun of it. Stress is its opposite.

If we combine stress with the constant repetition of the same thoughts and stories, which leaves no room for anything new to enter this world, what chance does that creative spark have of lighting a fire underneath you? Almost none.

Spending time with horses can bring us to discover our hidden talents, leading to personal development.

To enable this to take place more easily, it’s beneficial to explore creativity to increase sensitivity to this process. Humans often get caught up in things that are structured but this doesn’t necessarily keep us safe; rather, it closes us in and prevents our creativity from surfacing.


Through Meditating with the horses we will be emptying our minds and we will be guided by our spirit guides, angels and the horses.  We will be reducing stress and bringing focus & clarity into our life before meeting the horses 1-2-1.

It is so important to be in the same moment, in the present now with your horse, not thinking what you could do next (in the future) or what you should have done before (in the past).  ‘Should, could, would, black & white thinking yourself may cause you to fall out of the moment and if you and your horse are about to step out of your comfort zone you need to both be there.  Without the fear in your being you will be amazed at how many talents you already have, and how easily you can feel into your true purpose.

“Our observation rests on our perception and our perception rests on our personal truth”

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What will you learn at my Workshop

Learn to manifest healthy habits through Journaling, Meditation, so that you become in perfect harmony with your body and everyone around you. This will allow you to be in a better emotional state to make the right choices in your life.

• Learn to communicate intuitively with Nature and your Horses this will help you connect more deeply with yourself and embrace and redefine your inner power and true purpose.

• Learn to open your heart to your inner wisdom and create a stronger inner self belief.

• Learn to master positive thoughts & emotions through the horses mirroring your emotional patterns & self-reflection so that you can embrace change and redefine your true identity.

What are people saying about my workshop?

It was amazing how connected to myself I felt on Monday afternoon!

Not connected to the nice part of me, always happy to please – but to a much stronger me, to a more authentic part of me, to the black horse in me.

Animals know far more than WE do! Spiritually rewarding and beautiful

Your passion & love for people and animals was evident today as you imparted your wisdom, nourished us with food, encouraged us to embrace our creative side and really awaken our own uniqueness to empower us to be leaders in our own lives within our soul purposes.

I feel as though I got to know my true self and the horses better during the workshop.

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