Bespoke Holistic Horse Camp

BESPOKE HOLISTIC HORSE CAMP  @ Epona Retreat Centre, Rathcormac, Co. Cork, Ireland.

As you connect deeper into the horses Core Values you are voicing who you are and what you want powerfully and confidently to the horses.

AGENDA for the day – 3 1/2 hours 


Start: Tai Chi/Qigong Exercises – these exercises empower you to be centered and balanced in a relaxed internal environment & to focus in the present moment. 

Introduction to Meditation with the Horses. We will be reducing the stress levels in our body by bringing our heart level to coherence (gratitude, compassion, joy & happiness) before meeting the horses.

Introduction to Energy Healing with the Horses – this will help you connect to your authentic self and create awareness and confidence in working with your healing energy with the Horses. Life Lessons through Horse communication.

The silent body language of the horses in action. Intuitively connecting with the horse’s wisdom & gifts. Horse Therapy Demonstration.

As you ignite your senses to give and receive energy flow through communicating with the horses your magnificent spells of light and truth energise and attract everything you want in your life.

Light Lunch served and refreshments tea/coffee & Herbal Teas


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Bespoke Holistic Horse Camp is for you?

If you would like to get answers to your challenging questions from the horses

If you would you like to end frustration, anxiety & being overwhelmed

If you would you like to work with horses on a deeper level (spiritual level) and learn to communicate intuitively & learn the body language, wisdom & gifts of the horses?

Explore other ways to have a great relationship with yourself.

Leave self-judgement and conflict behind as you transform your relationship into one of loving kindness.

If you love being around horses and would like to connect with my 3 horses on the day.

At Epona Retreat, we equip our clients with the necessary tools to embrace their true potential and create a life filled with love and authenticity through equine learning.  We offer you the opportunity to experience the natural medicine of the horses by feeling safe, held, seen, heard, loved and encouraged to remove the masks and shine your through light.

What are people saying about my Workshops

It was amazing how connected to myself I felt, not connected to the nice part of me, always happy to please – but to a much stronger me, to a more authentic part of me, to the black horse in me. I will be eternally grateful for all the help and guidance you have given me & how far I have come as a person and how much closer I am to being me!

I have been a student & client of Noreen’s for all her types of work above over the past few years, I certainly am grateful for her awesome influence in my life. Noreen is wise, compassionate, passionate, reassuring, gentle yet strong, has a zest and vitality for people, animals, life & nature that is inspiring and uplifting. The connection with Ruby & her awareness was incredible & how it brought up my issues so effortlessly & with Noreen’s intuition how I could release my emotions.

Noreen has guided and helped me to see my potential and to tap into the power within, the universe and animals. Working with Noreen is so peaceful surrounded by nature and her wonderful horses and dogs.

Contact Noreen if you would like to book a group holistic Horse camp retreat (minimum people : 2 Maximum people 8).

Sending you lots of love & light. Noreen x

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