Are you stuck in the Fear and not sure what direction to move forward in your Life?

Are you lacking motivation for your Life Purpose? Are you disconnected from your life & frustrated with your progress?

Noreen O’Neill Roche is a Transformational Equine Coach & Energy Healer at Epona Retreat Centre, Rathcormac, Co. Cork, Ireland. She has been working professionally with horses and animals for the last 10 years. Her passion is to share her knowledge & insight on what she has past experienced working closely with herself and her horses.

Noreen Energy Healer and Equine Therapist will take you on a journey of leadership, self-discovery, balance, boundaries, focus, controlling and habits. Emotions are what makes us humans and they can never be fully erased from our interactions. However, as a leader, your emotions can’t be your primary driver when managing your business.

When we are feeling these emotions (stuck, confused, guilty & fearful etc), connecting with Noreen & the horses at a conscious level is a very powerful way to shift these limiting beliefs. We will help you identify negative and positive belief cycles.

We will share with you the tools that you can us on a daily basis, ensuring that your emotional responses are improved and real.

We will identify what is truly important and use this awareness to pave the way for a life of abundance and joy.

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This retreat is for you

  • To help you appreciate how the simple things can be a source of strength and vitality by grounding & anchoring your foundation to Mother Nature

  • To make gratitude a normal response to everything in your life – we will contact Nature’s generosity and bring its support directly into our lives

  • To connect wholeheartedly with everyone you encounter by engaging your relationship with Noreen & the Horses this reestablishes your mind body system to its healthy, balanced state

  • To guide you to fully open your heart to the gift of forgiveness for self-healing—physically, emotionally, and spiritually

  • To listen to your inner voice & allow Noreen & the horses to support, guide you as you become more aware of your senses

  • To help you radiate loving-kindness toward yourself and your own horses & others in new and surprising ways

  • To align you with your high-power emotions—happiness, joy, peace, contentment, and thankfulness—and turbocharge your Intentions & Goals. This will be done through creative activities throughout the day

  • To help you to use your breath to balance your body, mind and emotions though Meditation with Noreen & the horses

What are people saying about my retreats

Your passion & love for people and animals was evident today as you imparted your wisdom, nourished us with food, encouraged us to embrace our creative side and really awaken our own uniqueness to empower us to be leaders in our own lives within our soul purposes.

• Great learning, lovely energy and environment – loved it!  It was great to experience meditation with the Horses.  They grounded and anchored me in the now.

• Gentle approach to exploration of deeper issues.

• My experience was accurate and true to what I needed to hear.  It was easy to open up and un-intimidating.

• I’m feeling so good today, back in touch with myself.  Your retreat brought me back to my deeper self.

• I’m back in the rhythm of life again.  Got great insights around my relationships both with myself and at home.  Feeling like dreaming my life again!

Agenda for the 2 Days:

Friday Day 1 Check in @ 7pm

Saturday Day 2 10am – 1.00pm Retreat with Horses

1.00pm – 2.00pm Lunch (Vegetarian) 

Afternoon Free to Journal and Hang out at Epona

6.00pm Evening Meal (3  Course Meal – Vegetarian)

8.00pm – 9.15pm Meditation with the Horses

Sunday Day 3 10am – 1.00pm Retreat with Horses – 2pm Lunch

2pm Finish

2 Nights Accommodation B&B, Evening Meal and 2 Lunches

€410 – single/double bed sharing room ensuite 

€495  double bed non -sharing ensuite

If you would like to book your own private retreat please contact Noreen @ 087 9325857

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